Eat For Life by Marsha has relaunched their gluten-free website

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April 21, 2022
Marsha Hebert
Eat For Life by Marsha

Eat For Life by Marsha has relaunched their gluten-free website
More pantry items, more Snackalicious Packs, and endless recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, nutritious, and delicious!

Calgary, ON: Eat For Life by Marsha today announced a new launch of gluten-free website, a new platform with improved shopping experience for all your pantry needs, healthy craves, and recipe ideas. Eat For Life by Marsha is a one-stop shop and an independent Canadian publisher for all your gluten-free baking and cooking needs and offers a new way for the gluten-free community and health-enthusiasts to easily stock their pantry, snack stash, and enjoy fun reads all in one place.

“Life gets better when everyone gets better,” says Marsha, Founder/CEO at Eat For Life by Marsha, who was diagnosed with Anemia at age 12 and later became aware of Celiac disease and has embarked on a mission to make things easier for the gluten-free community ever since. “That's why we feed you good food… When you have a disease and limited food choices, it’s not even about counting calories, it’s about counting nutrients. Especially during times of uncertainty, people’s way of shopping have changed: from picking up single items to stocking pantries; from choosing pre-packaged food to raw ingredients and more recipe ideas. We know that 9 out of 10 Canadians want to lead a healthier lifestyle, that is why we make it easy for you to nourish yourself.”

The website will be a reflection of the company’s core value - making it easy for people to nourish themselves. It will be continuously maintained and improved to provide that easy browsing experience. Features and benefits of the new website to look out for:

- Reorganized Pantry where you can shop by intuitive categories, such as Spreads & Butter, Flour & Leaveners, and Dried Fruits & Nuts to name a few. You can also search by dietary preferences, such as Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut-Free, and Grain-Free.

- Shop by Brands that allows you to check all the brands by their logo, with a special category for Canadian brands

- New Bookshelf to hold all the publications: Cookbooks, Magazines, and Booklets that will keep you entertained and inspired with easy recipes, food celebrations, and community news.

- Stockist page that will be coming soon for easy requests to stock Eat For Life By Marsha publications

- Join Our Pantry page that will be coming soon for easy submissions of new products to help us expand our gluten-free pantry

- Brand Ambassador Program page that will be coming soon where you can join to share your passion for nutritious eats and get rewarded with free products

Eat For Life by Marsha new website will be available starting April 21, 2022. For more information on Eat For Life by Marsha, visit or email

About Eat For Life by Marsha: A growing business in Hospitality and Food driven to bring nutritious gluten-free foods to the community and making them easily accessible.
Proudly supporting fellow Canadians brands, we carry a variety of items from established brands in our pantry, such as Only Oats, Prana, Elan, and Just Sauce, to some up-coming and unique brands, such as Zuga, Krave Granola, Goodums Cookie Mix, and Healthy Crunch. Whether you are restocking on Almond Flour, or trying new plant-based flours, such as Cassava Flour or Oat flour, we got you covered! We are also actively coming up with new gluten-free and dairy-free recipes every week and compiling them with food celebrations and community news into cookbooks, bi-monthly magazines, and booklets.