Marsha Hebert is an exceptional solopreneur and entrepreneur, a leading figure in the gluten-free industry. As the founder and visionary behind multiple successful ventures, she brings expertise and innovation to any stage.

Marsha's journey began with her health challenges, including gluten and dairy intolerance, which ignited her passion for promoting healthy eating. In her early 30s, she discovered the world of celiac causes and symptoms, inspiring her to adopt a gluten-free diet. This personal transformation led her to dedicate her life to helping others embrace gluten-free living as a solopreneur.

At the heart of her entrepreneurial endeavours is the Gluten-Free Pantry, a specialty food store located at 1978 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary. This store is a testament to her commitment to providing a curated selection of premium gluten-free products, bridging the gap between health-conscious consumers and delicious, satisfying meals.

Marsha's innovation extends to Snackalicious gluten-free corporate gifting, revolutionizing how businesses express appreciation with thoughtful, gluten-free gifts. Additionally, her Make It Gluten-Free Classes empower individuals to master the art of gluten-free cooking, fostering a community of learners passionate about a healthier lifestyle.

Marsha Hebert's journey is one of resilience, transformation, and inspiration, making her a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from solopreneurship and entrepreneurship to health and wellness. Her insights have the power to transform lives and businesses alike.

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