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At Eat For Life By Marsha Inc, we support your healthy eating lifestyle because we believe what you eat should help you be healthier and happier.
We offer a selection of carefully created nutritious, gluten-free, and dairy-free recipes in our cookbooks, magazines, and recipe packs, along with recipe ingredients and kitchen products, all available online and delivered right to your door. We know that options and convenience matter.

We are a fast-growing Startup, a proudly Canadian company that is passionate about our customers, our business, and the products we sell. We love sharing our passion for health 76and wellness with you.

Our values help us to stay true to our commitments to you, your family, and our community:

Preventative Health – to make an impact locally and globally.
Learning Excellence – to pursue knowledge and innovation.
Enthusiasm – to have enjoyment, engagement, and empowerment in our work.
Integrity – to be honest, and show respect to all individuals.

Company Mantra: Be more. Grow more. Enjoy what we do.



The Eat For Life By Marsha team comprises diverse employees across Canada.

Meet our key leadership team:


Marsha was diagnosed with anemia at age 12 and suffered from IBS and Celiac symptoms. Until her early 30s, she became aware and knowledgeable about her illness and started on a journey to improve her health. Marsha's passion for helping others achieve success with their health has brought her on a mission to find out more about how to stay healthy with nutrition. She enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and completed the Fundamentals of Nutrition. Marsha is currently pursuing certification to become a Certified Nutritional Consultant to further her knowledge and skills. She credits her daughter as her inspiration and commitment.



Michael Niles, CPA, PMP, MBA
Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Financial and management analysis, with accomplishments in developing strategic and operational plans; internal management consulting, emphasizing re-engineering and effective leadership.