Marsha Hebert is the visionary behind three incredible brands that have revolutionized the gluten-free landscape. As the founder and owner of Eat For Life By Marsha Inc., Marsha has crafted a dynamic trio of offerings catering to diverse needs.

Embarking on her gluten-free journey due to anemia and intolerances at a young age, Marsha's resilience and determination led her to establish the renowned Gluten-Free Pantry specialty food store at 1978 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary. This haven of culinary delights is a testament to Marsha's commitment to providing a curated selection of premium gluten-free products, ensuring that individuals can indulge their taste buds without compromise.

Diving into the corporate world, Marsha's innovation shines through Snackalicious gluten-free corporate gifting. Crafting thoughtful and delectable gift options, she has transformed how businesses express gratitude and appreciation while adhering to the gluten-free ethos.

Passionate about education, Marsha's commitment extends to her Make It Gluten-Free Classes. These engaging and enlightening sessions empower enthusiasts to master the art of gluten-free cooking, fostering a community of learners who embrace a healthier lifestyle with every culinary creation.

Marsha's health journey and the inspiration drawn from her daughter continue to fuel her mission. With a heart dedicated to sharing gluten-free recipes, resources, and wisdom, Marsha is a beacon of guidance for those seeking to embrace a wholesome, gluten-free existence. Her impact resonates in the lives she touches, as she encourages everyone to savour the joy of nourishing meals while prioritizing their well-being.

Our values guide us in staying true to our commitments to you, your family, and our community:

- Preventative Health: Making a positive impact locally and globally.
- Learning Excellence: Pursuing knowledge and innovation.
- Enthusiasm: Finding enjoyment, engagement, and empowerment in our work.
- Integrity: Being honest and showing respect to all individuals.

Company Mantra: Be more. Grow more. Enjoy what we do.



The Eat For Life By Marsha team comprises diverse employees across Canada.

Meet our key leadership team:


Marsha Hebert, Founder and Operations Director and Certified Management Professional (CMP)

Marsha's passion for helping others achieve success with their health has brought her on a mission to find out more about how to stay healthy with nutrition. She enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and completed the Fundamentals of Nutrition. 



Michael Niles, CPA, PMP, MBA
Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Financial and management analysis, with accomplishments in developing strategic and operational plans; internal management consulting, emphasizing re-engineering and effective leadership.