“Just For Her - Mother’s Day” collection is here this May 2022 to celebrate all Moms!

Lilypad Zong

Calgary, AB: Eat For Life by Marsha today announced “Just For Her - Mother’s Day” - a special occasion gift box running through the whole month of May to give moms the nourishment and self-care they need. It offers more gluten-free choices and unique snack options that are ready to eat...

May is National Egg Month

Marsha Hebert

May is National Egg Month! Eggs are an excellent source of protein to help you stay full and energized throughout the day. Eggs nutritious and affordable, also amazingly easy to prepare in many ways. Eat For Life By Marsha has three gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free cakes: angel food cake, blueberry cheesecake and cherry cake.

Snackalicious Packs

Marsha Hebert

Soon you'll be able to subscribe to our delicious Snackalicious Packs - delivered to your door so you can enjoy curated, healthy, guilt-free snacks without visiting multiple stores to pick up all of your favourites. 

Sweet Potato - Focus Food for the week of November 16

Marsha Hebert

Sweet Potato – Focus Food for the week November 16. The sweet potato has multiple personality and colours. Not a potato at all but a large edible root belonging to the morning glory family, it is sometimes called a yam, though it bears no botanical relation to the true yam, a tuber native Africa.