Pecan - Focus Food for the week of October 5

Pecan - Focus Food for the week of October 5

Marsha Hebert

 No matter how you pronounce pecan (pee-CAN, pee-KAHN, etc.), these are a tasty nut for snack or addition to any meal.

The pecan tree with its bright green pinnate leaves and long, twisting limbs is a native of the south-central United States. Native Americans gathered the hard-shelled nuts in autumn; “pecan” is an Algonquin word that referred to all nuts requiring a stone to crack.

Nutrients: protein, dietary fibre, thiamine, vitamin E, manganese, copper, iron magnesium, phosphorus, mono and poly fats.

May help with: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, cancer, low energy, constipation, anemia, weight loss.


Recipes this week: Three recipe ideas to incorporate  in your Eat For Life meals.


Choose pecans that:

  • plump
  • uniform in colour and size

Avoid pecans that have:

  • moldy
  • close to or past their “use-by” date


Shelled pecans can be kept in the refrigerator for about nine months and for up to two years in the freezer. In-shell pecans can be stored in a cool, dry place for six to 12 months. Airtight containers, such as jars with lids, are best for storing pecans in the refrigerator. .

Cooking and/or Baking

As with all nuts, lightly toasting in the oven brings out their flavour and crunch. Nutritious additions to  fruity quick breads, pie crust, cookies, and contribute earthy flavour to salads or cooked vegetables.


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