Healthy Crunch Vegan Dark Chocolate Chips

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Healthy Crunch offers this new addition to their gluten-free healthy snacking and baking line! Say hello to their dairy-free dark chocolate chips. The perfect vegan mid-day snack for when you’re on the go, or as an after-dinner treat. Don’t be hesitant to share these creamy, sharp-tasting, and full-bodied chocolate chips with those around you.

With 70% cacao, these little parcels of flavour deliver you a healthy snack break; without the guilt. Layered and glossy nibs coat every inch of your mouth in an almost heavenly experience. These dairy-free and Paleo Certified chocolate chips aren’t just limited to snacking! Try them in all of your favourite recipes, including; chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate brownies, cookie dough, and many more fun treats! And get this; these baking chips are free of the Big 8 Allergens in Canada (peanut-free and tree nut free!), so perfect for school lunches!


70% Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Paste, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder). 

Manufactured in a tree nut-free, peanut-free, and gluten-free facility.