Snackalicious Starter Recipe Pack

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This Starter Pack will get you started to making nutritious, delicious, gluten-free and dairy-free cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more Snackalicious treats.

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Snackalicious Starter Recipe Pack Includes:

1. Snackalicious Cookbook
- nutrient information
- dietary preference
- photos of ingredients and meal
2. Recipe Cards (3)
- nutrient information
- dietary preference
- visual step-by-step instructions
3. Ingredients (2 to 3)
*Healthy Flours
- Almond Flour (Pack: Keto/Paleo)
- Cassava Flour (Pack: Vegan Grain-Free, Vegetarian Grain-Free)
- Oat Flour (Pack: Vegan, Vegetarian)
*ZUGA Erythritol Sweetener (Pack: Keto/Paleo)
*Other ingredients (whipping cream, chocolate chips, & much more)
4. Curated Kitchen Gadgets (2)
5. Magazine Current Online Issue and exclusive offers: recipes, ingredients, cookbooks and more.

Find more recipes that use the Snackalicious Pack ingredients on the Eat For Life By Marsha website and social media.