Plumes And Prunes - Food Focus for the week of August 24

Plumes And Prunes - Food Focus for the week of August 24

Marsha Hebert


Both plums and prunes  are source of fibre—prunes are known for the laxative effects. These pitted fruits have a good levels in vitamin A and potassium.

Plums and prunes come in many varieties and are among the few purple foods. They range in flavours from sweet to sour and are mildly acid-forming when broken down in the body.


Nutrients: vitamin C, dietary fibre, vitamin A, vitamin K, phytonutrients (flavonoids, phenolic acids), iron, potassium.

Benefits: May help with cancer healing, reduce weight gain, digestive system due to constipation.

Plums and Prunes - Eat For Life By Marsha

Recipes this week: Ideas to incorporate plums in your meals for vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo and plant-based.

- Muffin

- Sauce

- salad

- entree


Choose plums/prunes that have:

  • fruity aroma
  • brightly coloured
  • yield slightly to the touch
  • unwrinkled skin

Avoid plums/prunes that have:

  • too soft or too hard
  • bruised or discoloured
  • skin breaks or leaky


At room temperature to ripen, in refrigerator when ripe. In paper bag to ripen for plums, in airtight container in a cool dark place for prunes.


  • Blend in yogurt and smoothie
  • Add to muffins and cakes
  • Make jam and sauces
  • Add to meats and seafood
  • Add to salads and wholegrains